Welcome to Academy

Bringing together a range of homes and shared green spaces, Academy has been designed to suit a diverse mix of residents, and to be a natural addition to the open and welcoming character of North Melbourne.

Driven by architectural excellence, inspired by local heritage, committed to sustainability and proudly looking forward, Academy is the new home of intelligent living.

Sustainability at its heart

Sustainability is at the heart of the Academy community, with each home being designed as responsible and future-proof. Set up to operate carbon neutral, the homes at Academy will include rooftop solar panels, allowing for onsite renewable electricity generation. This, when combined with the fully electric operation, including induction cooking, and a green energy plan, ensures each home operates 100% energy emission-free.

But sustainability is more than just a consideration for the environment. Social sustainability is also addressed at Academy, with the project setting a benchmark for local material procurement and responsible construction practices.

A location for all

North Melbourne remains one of the city’s hidden gems. With a revered history and grand Victorian streetscapes, the suburb has retained its historical character, illustrated perfectly by Errol Street village. Incredible amenity is all within walking distance including community infrastructure, parks and gardens and the best education. It shines as a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

A forward thinking team

Academy brings together the placemaking expertise of MAB, the architectural vision of MCR and the sustainable urban planning of TCL. Working in consultation with the local community, the team is committed to delivering an exceptional precinct for North Melbourne.